Lighting Design

Our experienced lighting designers have an acute understanding of the special challenges facing design professionals. At Lighting Solutions you will find people who share your concerns and goals.


Lighting Solutions begins with a consultation on your design intent, desired outcomes, end-user and environmental expectations. Our in-house lighting designers are industry-trained, familiar with industry standards and specifications, experienced in the process of synergising form, function and aesthetics as well as prescribed to best practice in the lighting industry.

For decorative lighting, our design team will develop a comprehensive proposal that covers every critical detail such as materials, finishes and proportions.

For indoor lighting, we provide light planning and illumination calculations according to internationally accepted standards. We also provide lighting scheme that naturally blends with the interior architecture to enhance the living space and its functions.

For architectural lighting, we first develop a concept based on the architectural plans and perspective and underlying culture or purpose, followed with a scheme that illuminate the space and structure beautifully.


Our team will assist you with any kinds of problems related to lighting providing our expert advice in illumination engineering solutions. You can be assured that our solutions will comply with international standards, codes and regulations.

Furthermore, we advocate best lighting practices in tandem with the latest design recommendations from European or American institutes towards sustainable urban development for well-being of human and the environment.